Download Consensus Server Package

* The consensus server was developed in Unix Solaris Sparc and Linux RedHat
O/S system with Apache web server, and tested on Netscape 4.5.

    • Download

    • Requirement

    • Installation

      1. Download Unix or Linux version of Consensus server package depends of the system you install in, and locate the file in the web directory, corresponding to the desired consensus server web site.

        Example : -> /usr/www/consensus/consensus.tar.gz

      2. Extract compressed consensus package file by typing as the following on the command line.

        > gunzip consensus.tar.gz > tar -xvf consensus.tar
        > unzip

      3. Configuration of the consensus server. Extraction of package file will generate a directory, consensus. Cd into 'consensus' directory and reconfigure the server by modifying file with any text editor. Read the instruction in for more information on configuration of server.

      4. Compile the programs in the consensus server with gcc compiler in your system. In consensus directory, compile the consensus programs by typing...

        > make install

      5. Make sure all the required softwares are installed in your system, and cgi-bin directory is accessible before you run the consensus server for the first time

    • Security & Configuration of Server

      In general, Web servers are large, complex programs that can contain security holes in your system. The open architecture of Web servers allows arbitrary CGI scripts to be executed on the server's side of the connection in response to remote requests. Any CGI script installed at your site may contain bugs, and every such bug is a potential security hole. Thus, CGI scripts are a major source of security holes. Unfortunately, the consensus server package was not devoloped with much care on security issues. Therefore, before you install this package, you should consult you Network administrator if you plan to make this server available to the public. You should also consult your administrator about the HTTP-server configuration of 'cgi-bin' directory. Depends on its configuration, the server can be accessible from the public or local network. For more information about the security issues, go to

    • Questions & Bug Report

      If you have any questions on installing Consensus Server Package in your
      system, or problems with the package, please contact us by email,

    • Download Command-line-based Applications

      consensus-v6c : consensus-v6c.1.tar.gz
      wconsensus-v5c : wconsensus-v5c.2.tar.gz