Patser Entry Form

Advanced Patser (version 3b)


Basic Patser

Enter the name of sequence file :

Enter your matrix from Consensus :

Matrix Options

  • Matrix is a weight matrix (-w )?
    (Default: alignment matrix)

  • Pseudo-counts added to alignment matrix
    before converting to weight matrix (-b ):

  • Matrix is a vertical matrix (-v )?
    (Default: horizontal matrix)

  • Print the matrix derived
    from the weight matrix (-p )?

Alphabet Options

  • Use fixed frequency for the
    prior proabability, 0.25(-s )?
    (Default: observed frequency)

  • Case Sensitivity (-CS/-CM) :

  • Seq. Alphabet and Normalization
    Information (-A ) :

  • How are unrecognized symbols
    treated (-dn ) ?

Output Options

  • Lowest score to print (-l ):

  • Highest score to print (-u ):

  • Just print the top score for each sequence (-t )?

  • Print all the score for each sequence (-e )?
    (Default: print scores above cut-off value)

  • Score complementary sequences (-c )?

P-value Options

  • Range for approximation a column of the weight matrix with integers (-R ):
  • Minimum score for approximating p-values (-M ):

Result Options