Alumni Lab Members

Stormo Lab alumnus not included here or with updated information are encouranged to contact the computer administrator.

Member Name Previous Position Last Known Affliation
Ritesh Agrawal Graduate Student  
Viatcheslav Akmaev Research Associate Genzyme Corporation
Takis Benos Research Associate University of Pittsburg
Liwei Chang Graduate Student Washington University School of Medicine
Jay Choi Graduate Student UCSF
Sung Chun Graduate Student
Ashwin Desikan Graduate Student Illumina, Inc., Chesterford Research Park, Cambridge, UK
Barrett Foat Research Associate
Burr Fontaine Research Associate
Robert Freimuth Research Associate Mayo Clinic Research, Div of Biomedical Informatics, Rochester, MN
Vineet Gupta Graduate Student
Jan Gorodkin Research Associate The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL)
Debraj GuhaThakurta Research Associate Dendreon Corporation
Gerald Hertz Research Associate  
Laurie Heyer Graduate Student Davidson College
Dana Homsi Research Associate Fontbonne University
Yongmei Ji Graduate Student Rosetta Inpharmatics, Seattle, WA
Mohammed Khan Research Technician
Julie J. Kim Undergraduate Student Washington University
Samuel Levy Research Associate J. Craig Venter Institute
Fugen Li Research Associate Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Jin Billy Li Graduate Student  
Yiing Lin Graduate Student Washington University
Jiajian Liu Research Associate Sigma
Chris Tsz-Kwong Man Research Associate Baylor College of Medicine
Robin Matlib Graduate Student  
Austin McDonald Undergraduate Student  
Erica Meek Undergraduate Student Saint Louis University
Lisanne Palomar Undergraduate Student Washington University
Eric E. Snyder Graduate Student Virginia Tech University
Kai Tan Graduate Student University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Jack Tabaska Research Associate Monsanto
Anatoly Ulyanov Research Associate Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Ting Wang Graduate Student Washington University, Center for Gemone Sciences
Daniel Weaver Graduate Student Genomica
Christopher Workman Graduate Student Tech. Univ. of Denmark
Xing Xu Graduate Student Applied Biosystem, Part of Life Technologies
Joshua Yang Technician Korean National Health Institute
Yong Yin Research Associate Washington University, Genome Sequencing Center
Nannan Zhang Undgraduate Student  
Zhi Zhang Graduate Student BASF Corp.
Guoyan Zhao Research Associate Washington University, Department of Pathology
Tao Zhao Research Associate